Biosynth Overgrowth is currently in very early prototype stage. It will be released on Steam and possibly ps4 in the ESRB regions (ESRB ratings are free for digital only games, PEGI ratings cost €3000)  if I'm confident that it's good enough, otherwise it will be on for free. I am intending to release the prototype on when there's enough to see in the hope of receiving feedback in case I'm making any huge design blunders. I didn't bother doing that in my previous game and it was definitely an error.

Go to my instagram or twitter feeds, both @thevoicesgames for frequent footage uploads

This is a video of the current state of the game. 

The red bar is a kind of stamina bar for your gun. The blue is for stamina and kicking. The green is your energy bar. Kicking knocks the enemies back and does a small amount of damage. Shooting deals a lot more damage but you have to hit the enemy in the head to have any effect.

This one demonstrates the climbing mechanics. Like Uncharted but not as good. There won't be any climbing stamina. I'm not sure if there'll be much climbing in the game. I was intending to make more of a platformer initially but I've decided to go more combat focused now.